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Weekly teaching
Wednesday, 2016 August 3. to Wednesday, 2016 August 10.

Our great grandteacher, Man Gong Sunim, was once asked, "Why don't more people practice Zen?" He said, "Everybody wants a good thing, but most people don't understand that when you get a good thing you also get a bad thing. If they understood that, then they would practice Zen."

Zen Master Man Gong (1871-1946)

Weekly teaching
Monday, 2016 July 25. to Sunday, 2016 July 31.

Zen Master Seung Sahn used to say that there are two kinds of work. Inside work and outside work. Inside work means keeping a non-moving mind and outside work means helping all beings. 

Weekly teaching
Wednesday, 2016 June 29. to Wednesday, 2016 July 6.

The Buddha saw a star and attained enlightenment. What kind of Buddhism was that?

Weekly teaching
Tuesday, 2016 June 21. to Tuesday, 2016 June 28.

Thanks for your letter. Your strong intention to practice is marked with despair at the persistent habits that reflect and cause discomfort.

Weekly teaching
Tuesday, 2016 June 14. to Monday, 2016 June 20.

I would like to tell you one beautiful story. It happened at one of the Paralympic Games during the foot race. At the starting line there were people with all kinds of different mental disabilities. After the starting shot everybody started to run. Suddenly one boy fell down and begun to cry.

Weekly teaching
Tuesday, 2016 June 7. to Monday, 2016 June 13.

The world is full of suffering. How can it be stopped? Every human being has a seed of compassion and wisdom that must be very carefully nurtured. It is our responsibility to find this seed and do everything we can to make it grow. First, you must believe that you have this seed.

Zen Master Soeng Hyang (Barbara Rhodes) is the School Zen Master and Guiding Dharma Teacher of the Kwan Um School of Zen. She received dharma transmission from Zen Master Seung Sahn on October 10, 1992.

Weekly teaching
Monday, 2016 May 30. to Sunday, 2016 June 5.

Hakuin, the fiery and intensely dynamic Zen master, was once visited by a samurai warrior.


Weekly teaching
Monday, 2016 May 23. to Sunday, 2016 May 29.

The Avatamsaka Sutra says, "If you want to understand the Buddhas of the past, present, and future, then you should view the nature of the whole universe as being created by mind alone." 

Weekly teaching
Monday, 2016 May 16. to Sunday, 2016 May 22.

One morning a student asked Seung Sahn Soen Sa, “How can one control thinking while sitting Zen?”

Weekly teaching
Monday, 2016 May 9. to Sunday, 2016 May 15.

From a talk at the Seoul International Zen Center

Question: Recently I saw a calligraphy of yours in the U.S. which said, “Freedom from family karma.” What does this mean? Why is this important?