Weekly teaching
Sunday, 2016 September 18. to Sunday, 2016 September 25.

In Lodz Zen Center I often hear from my co-practitioners about their meditation frustrations. My mind is almost never still and I’m trying so hard. Wha’s wrong? I feel this mantra stopped working for me. Should I try a new one? How can I make my meditation better? Maybe I’m not really meditating at all. Maybe I’m only wasting my time on a cushion. Most of our teachers’ answer for such questions is Don’t check. Just do it. So how can we practice the dhyana paramita? How can we perfect our meditation without checking?

For me it is putting down the concept of perfecting at all and starting every day from the very beginning. If I start every day from the very beginning then I have no chance to perfect my meditation. I’m in the same situation as a newcomer who just received an orientation talk, only my legs feel better. I don’t know how to meditate, I have no meditation skills. There is only one thing I have: i’s a decision. The decision to meditate, the decision to put everything down, the decision to return to this very moment with a wordless question. I’s only because of this decision that I can meditate. I never perceive a moment when my mind catches something and starts to move. I can only perceive a moment when it stops. I’s like finding myself on a crossroads. Should I continue to follow this thought? Should I continue to nourish this feeling? Well, I could, and sometimes it would be very nice to, sometimes it feels so important to, but there is a decision. So I let go, so I put down whatever my mind is holding at the moment and for a short while I’m a newborn baby buddha.