I Want to Be Like You!

Weekly teaching
Sunday, 2015 November 8. to Sunday, 2015 November 15.

BY ZEN MASTER SEUNG SAHN From a question-and-answer session at Cambridge Zen Center on the 10th December 1995.

Question: If I want to be like you, is it possible without a master? (Much laughter, continuing.)

DSSN: Already you have it. Already you have it. Everybody liked your speech, so everybody laughs, “Ha ha ha!” That is wonderful. Don’t make “master”, don’t make “I”, okay? Don’t make “I”. Don’t make “master”. Moment to moment, just do it. When you are eating, just eat. When you are driving, just drive. If you are thinking, thinking, thinking about girlfriend, thinking about family, then you will make a big accident – psheu! Put it down. Driving time, just drive. Talking time just talking. Sitting time just sitting. Walking time just walking. Moment to moment, when you are doing something, just DO IT! Then you and me are never separate. Okay? No problem? Ha, ha ha! Good! Try that. Very simple. Don’t make complicated, okay? Human beings have too much understanding, so only hold understanding, so make it complicated. Only keep don’t-know mind, that’s very simple. “What am I?” Only don’t know. Only don’t know driving and walking and eating – everything. Then very simple mind appears. Simple mind is clear like space. Clear like space means you can do anything. That is our original mind, original nature. Everybody makes something; holding something in your mind, then you have problems. So we say, “Put it all down! Put it all down! What am I? Only go straight, don’t know!” Keep don’t-know mind. And keep don’t-know mind as you eat, drive, walking, everything. Possible. Okay? Try that.